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The Oberg 5th Wheel Jack, with the New Load Distribtion Plate, was designed to create a solid platform inside a semi trailer upon which a forklift can then be safely driven.  The Jack is easily maneuvered, thanks to smooth rolling pneumatic tires.  Once in position, a thumb toggle switch lifts the 18" square support plate into secure contact with two cross members on the underside of a trailer floor, causing the low pressure tires to flatten out slightly allowing the 27" base to sit solidly on the ground, evenly distributing the load.

Let the Oberg 5th Wheel Jack, with the addition of the New Load Distribution Plate, become an integral member of your cargo handling team.

Load Distribution Jack under Semi-trailer.

Load Distribution Jack in upright position.

Specifications: Capacity - 20,000 Lbs.
Power System - Self contained 12-volt
   Electro/Hydraulic Power Unit
Minimum height - 40 inches 
Shaft Diameter - 3 inch chrome steel
Pinhole Size - 3/4 inch, grade 8
Finish - Powder Coat Safety Yellow
Shipping weight - 500 lbs

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