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The Oberg 5th wheel Jack was designed for use by the package handling industry. It is used to lift the front end of a package handling trailer to provide what is termed “gravity”. Gravity will assist in allowing the packages to roll on package rollers onto the facility conveyer belt.

The design of the jack prevents the user from ever being under the trailer when lifting. After lifting the trailer a maximum of 26 inches, 12” square galvanized blocks are placed under the trailers’ landing gear, and the trailer is lowered upon them. This stabilizes the trailer while unloading.

The Oberg 5th Wheel Jack is easily maneuvered and positioned thanks to easy rolling pneumatic tires. A feature of this Jack is when a load is applied to the lifting plate, the low pressure tires flatten out slightly, allowing the Jacks' 27” square base to sit solidly on the ground. Portable lifting power "where you want it, when you want it".  Self contained 12 volt electric/hydraulic power unit operated by thumb toggle switch.  Safety switch equipped to prevent use with handle in upright position.  Easy rolling pneumatic tires with puncture sealant. High power deep cycle battery and maintenance free charger Up to 25 lifts per charge (We recommend charging when not in use) Proven to be a reliable member of your package handling team.  Use of jack permits gravity assist unloading of package handling trailers.  Eliminate need for dangerous ramps.

5th Wheel Jack Under front end of Semi-trailer.

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Online Manual available for the Oberg 5th Wheel Jack

Specifications: Capacity - 20,000 Lbs.
Power System - Self contained 12-volt
   Electro/Hydraulic Power Unit
Minimum height - 40 inches
Maximum height - 66 inches
Stroke - 26 inches
Shaft Diameter - 3 inch chrome steel
Pinhole Size - 3/4 inch, grade 8
Finish - Powder Coat Safety Yellow
Shipping weight - 500 lbs


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