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Oberg Elephant Blocks are designed for use by the package handling industry in conjunction with the Oberg 5th Wheel Jack. The jack is used to lift the front end of a package hauling trailer to provide what is termed “gravity”. Gravity will assist in allowing the packages to roll on package rollers onto the terminal conveyer belt.
The design of the jack prevents the user from ever being under the trailer while lifting. After the trailer is lifted a maximum of 26 inches, the standard 12” square powder coated blocks are places under the trailers’ landing gear, and the trailer is lowered upon them. This stabilizes the trailer while providing the necessary angle required for gravity assisted unloading.

We at Gary Oberg Mfg. Co. would like to make the Oberg Elephant blocks the industry standard. The blocks are 12 inches square and are proof tested to 50,000 lbs. The Oberg Elephant blocks are powder coated for long life. Each block is a light weight 30 lbs.

Elephant Blocks come standard in a 12 " square, however can be modified to meet your specific needs.

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Oberg Elephant Blocks under Landing Gear

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